Flash Back-College Auditions

"Annsley! That was incredible! That is the best you have ever played! I cannot believe it!" These, among others, are the words of  Mr. Flaniken after I finished my audition at Samford this morning. (Actually, it was a year and a half ago. I found this draft that was written after my Samford audition in February of my senior year. It's neat to look back and see how God lined everything up for me.)
A few days before I was a bit nervous about this audition, after all, it's so far the most important audition of my life. But today before my audition, I was not nervous in the least bit. Ok maybe my hands were cold and sweaty...BUT I knew that God was for me, so who could be against me? I knew that this audition wasn't up to me, it was up to God and all I could do is go in there with confidence and play the best I knew how. And that is exactly what I did. God was with me and he guided me with every single note. When I first ran over my pieces this morning, everywhere I could mess up, I did. If that didn't scare me I don't know what would! But when I got on that stage in front of the group of Samford faculity who were my judges, everywhere I could possibly mess up, I didn't. It was amazing!