4 Month Recap

So it's been...a long time since I've written anything! So I'm breaking down today and giving a recap of the past few months.
Back in February I was in the All-State Orchestra, which is the most thrilling thing ever for a youth musician. Such an amazing thing to come in and spend two and a half days preparing music and then performing a concert that sounds professional. What a talented bunch of high-schoolers!
Some Friends with Maestro
My Stand Partner!
The Full Orchestra
Then in march I was in our school's production. A variety of songs and skits from different shows. Crossroads at Broadway. It is so exhilarating to be on stage with friends putting on such big numbers! And I got to fulfill a dream, to act and play violin at the same time. How perfectly fun is that!!

The Cast!

 A month ago I went to the Spring Formal with my school. It was so much fun! I could have danced all night! My favorite dance so far!
 We went to Nashville on vacation with my dad's family over spring break. Nashville: Country Music Capitol of the World! Too bad I don't like country music...
This is in the Gardens at the Upper Room
 I had my piano recital a few weeks ago. That was my first one in 3 years! It was good to get back :) I have a violin recital in a week that I'm busy preparing for now. I am absolutely in love with music! Violin and piano lessons are the highlight of my week. I simply adore my teachers. I couldn't be more blessed!

I also got to see my best friend graduate! *sniff* she's growin' up!!

An old picture!

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