Day One

Wow! London is something else! 
Tyler waiting for our bus

After Tyler and I got to his house, we went out to Central London to get papers ready and mailed out to Ruth, so she could get Galileo's new passport. When we finished up with that, Tyler took me down streets flooded with shops and flooded people. It was so neat! All sorts of shops! We went in huge stores like Liberty and Foyles ,the biggest book store in the world, and small shops like a used book shop and even a quaint little shop where we got some tea and scones!

After we finished up with that, we walked across the river to look at the Eye and Big Ben and had a nice Italian dinner. Running to catch our train, we made it in perfect timing, hopped on the train and enjoyed playing Ticket to Ride on Tyler's iPad. An hour later we made it home and I crashed! I had made it through the whole first day with nothing more than an hour of sleep! This is rare! 

(I took many more pictures, but for some reason it won't let me rotate the more to come later!)

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