So, my first flight happened to also be my first flight by myself. The night before we realized that Galileo's passport was missing, so he wasn't able to fly! He and Ruth, sadly, had to stay back. But I decided to come on! Everything went really well! The flight was pretty enjoyable, although I only managed to get under an hour of sleep. The view once we got into the UK was FABULOUS! I spotted several things from the air. (so glad I had a window seat!) I saw St Johns, the Eye, London Bridge, and many other amazing sites from thousands of feet in the air! Lucky me, I had an empty seat beside me...and I only spotted one other empty seat on the entire plane. And to top it off, a super sweet British lady was sitting in the next seat closest to me! So she told me everything I needed to do, and in return, I taught her how to work the tv.

When I got into the London airport, everything went just fine...until they wouldn't let me in the border. Since I'm a minor traveling for the first time they wanted to get a hold of Tyler, who was picking me up, before letting me through. Well, I didn't have his number, but he had called me the night before from his skype. So I gave her that number. She told me to sit and wait. So I sat. And I waited. And I sat some more! After quite some time she came back, telling me the call wouldn't go through. "Can we call him from your phone then?" " ma'am, my phone doesn't work here" "well...let's see. let me go try again, love" so I sat. And I waited. And I sat some more. And I waited some more! Finally, the nice lady said that her shift was almost over so she would take me to find Tyler. When I went to get my luggage, mine was the only one left from my flight. Well, at least I didn't have to stand and wait more! Then I went out and there was Tyler, thank goodness! Anyway, it was all very kind of them, but I was certainly wondering if they'd let me though before my brother reported me missing!

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  1. Oh gosh! haha you had to wait forever! Have fun in England!! ;)