Happy Sunday

Yesterday was a very full day! First we hopped in the car and headed to Greenwich Village and walked through a lovely and huge park there. You might have heard of Greenwich Mean Time? Well that's where I was, where time begins. There was also a really neat look off point. 

Then we walked through some neat markets with lots of venders selling crafty things. That's also where we picked up some lunch. We had a lamb wrap. Sort of like stir fry with lamb and onions and lots of seasonings in a wrap. It was good!

We made our way to the dock to purchase our riverboat tickets. 

We had some time before our boat came so we walked around the Greenwich Naval Academy for a bit. It was very grand!

We then took a boat ride down the Thames River. We got to see so many things! We went under Tower Bridge and London Bridge, not to mention all the other things we passed! 

London Bridge, the Battle Ship, and Tower Bridge

We got off close to Big Ben and walked down to the Dominion Theatre where we were going to church. We walked through a couple of shops on the way then went and had a wonderful service with Hillsong. Of course, the music was outstanding. Luke, the preacher, talked about the woman at the well and how Jesus witnessed even though he was exhausted. We need to be ready to do God's work, even when we don't feel like it. 

After Hillsong we made our way back to the train station. We looked around a bit more then waited for our train to leave! We made it back home once again and enjoyed another yummy dinner!   

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