Keep Manhattan Just Give Me That Countryside

We woke up this morning and headed to the airport. After much difficulty all around, Ruth finally made it back home! So glad to have Ruth and Galileo here. While we were waiting Tyler and I played Ticket to Ride again on his iPad...and I won...again. (few times I've been able to say that) 
We packed into their cute little car...and I mean packed and made our way towards Cambridge. Wow it was so beautiful! 

We found a grocery store and picked up some yummy things to have a picnic with. We ate this food in Jesus Green. The sky was so gorgeous early on today!

We walked around Cambridge looking at some of the different schools. Kings College was my favorite. 

We were planing to go punting (boat ride) but it was beginning to rain and we were all very cold! 

I got so many breathtaking photos today! It was really neat to see places 800 years old! Thanks to Mr. Flaniken for giving me information and vibrant details about it before I came. That made it even better! 

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