Defying Gravity

Another day in the books of a splendid trip to London! 

Well....we went to see Wicked! It was totally wicked, mate! I can't get over how good it was! The story line was absolutely amazing. Every single detail had a point and later you would go "aahh! I get it now!" The acting was phenomenal (with slight British accents :) ). The singing was. wow. out of this world good! It was very well written, perhaps I'll now read the book. Everything tied in surprisingly well with The Wizard of Oz, but yet didn't tell details from it. I also really, really love the music. It's got a pop sound to it while still being totally a "show tune" feel. This has been another wonderful British day!
The set was unbelievable!

Underground Tube Station
A list of things I have noticed here so far:
The signs say "Give Way" instead of "Yield"
I love the way British people say "Actually" ..they make it two syllables instead one
You don't stand in line for something you stand in the queue
Instead of "exit" it's "way out"
Many British ladies sound like Georgie (the girl who plays Lucy in the Narnia Movie
The food isn't "to go" it's "take away"
Then of course the train tells you to "mind the gap"

One of the bigger train stations

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